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EA (Executive Assistant) by Gencosys

Our Services

With cyber security at our core, we deliver the following skills -

ERP, CRM, POS, E-commerce, CMS, AI/ML, AR/VR, Drone services, all kind of business automation, Website development, Mobile/Web app development, Market positioning, Software architecture, UI-UX, Graphic design, Branding, Copywriting, Film making, Legal, CA & CS.

Administration, Compliance, Banking & Google Drive

We are able to handle the all types compliances in an organization inclding the Banking & Cloud Data/ Documentation handling (Google Drive/ One Drive/ DropBox).

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Website Design And Development

We design responsive and develop great websites to support & promote your brand/business with higher results, we are confident in each modern technology to work on it.

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Internet Marketing And Consulting

We can provide the largest target results to increase your revenue by using the advanced Internet marketing tips & campaign with our best experienced & research team.

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Cloud Computing, Code Keeping and Technical Hiring

We support & provide the best cloud computing & monitoring services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services of our clients to delivered to their end users to live 24x7.

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Our Skills

We are technical, so expect us to serve you in everything that you, the one we serve as an EA, expect from your assistants, including fulfillment of your tech and legal needs.

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If you are an entrepreneur who we think can have the greatest impact in the world someday, then we want to be your EA.
A role of a genius must be imagine and comunicate, to their EA. The EA must be to do the rest. To be an EA to such humans is no ordinary feat. Since one ordinary human May not suffice, we decided to be a group of such humans by our first client's mission
We decided to write ourselves as one unit to serve our first client in document handling, social media handling, technology, SEO, email handling, contract signing, policy making, blog writing, instruction recording, IP matters, his e-commerce venture, personnel assistance for food Ordering.
To serve you, over a period of months of work we will go all in making documents around exactly what you want and HOW YOU WANT. Here, you may find some of those documents we prepared for Nishchal for we recognise that each leader may have a different style of working and our first job is to serve him by ensuring to the role and conduct he is expecting out of his EA team is well understood by the team that works with him.
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